New phone assessment and appointment system

Keelinge House Surgery apologises for any inconvenience or distress caused to our patients whilst we have been implementing our new “phone assessment and appointment system”.

Since we have implemented this system, we have been able to process queries, issues and requests to be seen from twice as many people on one day, as we were able to do previously.   By using phone assessments we have been able to free up appointments for those who need to be seen and examined in a timely manner, especially children under 5 who are given priority.

Additionally since we have implemented this system complaints from our patients have reduced considerably.

Drs Cartwright & Mahfouz

  • Practice News

    We are now booking appointments for this winters flu injections. If you usually have a flu jab please call reception to book your appointment

    If  you provide us with your up to date mobile telephone number we now have a texting system which will remind you of the date and time of your appointments.

    Health Checks – It is important to receive a Health Check to ensure you are looking after your health, please make an appointment with our nursing team.

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